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Unique email address as name@last-name

Search for your Unique email address as name@last-name and get your last email address. If someone knows your name, then knows your email.

Can be used on any device without software install. iTiS eMail service is designed to help you work faster and easy.

We use SSL to secure communication between our server and your computer. Message data is already sent encrypted.

Webmail lets you access your email account from any computer. Also supports multi-level folder structure unlike other webmail interfaces out there.

You can a pointing device gesture in which the user selects a virtual object by “grabbing” it and dragging it to a different location or onto another virtual object.

Coordinate easily with shared calendars and add public calendars for holidays and other events.
Share only what you want and keep your private events private.

Read and write your emails and use features with the mobile web.

Your new email address will be like:

your_name@last_name.itis.blue (lite version)

your_name@last_name.itis.email (pro version)

Coming soon!

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