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If you not write your exist mail please note your account will activate in a few hours (max 12). Try to login with your new @itis.email account and your password.


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  • Pop / imap

IMAP and POP are active methods to access email. IMAP is the recommended method when you need to check your emails from several different devices, such as a phone, laptop, and tablet.

  • Web mail

Webmail lets you access your email account from any computer. Also supports multi-level folder structure unlike other webmail interfaces out there.

  • Cloud storage

Storage allows you to personalize your folders and to manage your data easily and secure disc space just for you! Store all file types: texts, photos, music, videos and more.

  • Mobile Access

Read and write your emails and use features with the mobile web.

  • Address book

You can create, edit or delete your contacts. Also can import from a CSV file.

  • Calendar

Coordinate easily with shared calendars and add public calendars for holidays and other events. Share only what you want and keep your private events private.

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