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Get more days promotion for your website

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Get more days promotion as sponsor

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Cheap price for more days promotional program to your website or Social page!

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Description of service: Choose the best images for your website with: Name or slogan, images or your explanation description for your website, your URL for your back link and how many promotional days you want. Artmotion support team will answer to you with price asap. Your promotional is ready to begin after your clear payment (PayPal payments) to homepage. One image, slogan and description per day. With this way the Artmotion visitor’s can saw your images and visit your website to learn more about your website.

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Get more days promotion
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Details: Images must be ~1400 x 900 px or 200 kb maximum in horizontal position. Don’t send only the logos as images. Your logo is better to be in and a part of the images Website/social page name or slogan That you want as description for every image. Maximum 20 character. The URL you want the link to your website or social page. Excample:

ArtMotion support your work!

Free Promotion :: Paid Promotion

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