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What Do I Get As A ArtMotion Shopping member?
First choose your pack and after that you will get:
  • 10 products per RSS with photo (if included in your rss)
  • Description for your products
  • Product’s prices Some of rss feed support prices with link to your eshop’s card / basket
  • Link to your e-shop (Go to shop)
  • Share on the social media. Artmotion share your products to the social media. Also many visitors they do the same at their social media.

Every rss feed have a different options from others. All that it’s up to your rss feed. For this reason please check your RSS for your better options. ArtMotion Shopping will can accept any rss feed from any type of eshop like: amazon, ebay, VirtueMart, DgiCom, MijoShop, HikaShop, redSHOP, WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopp… etc

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You’ve got the products they want. They’re ready to buy. Artmotion’s cheap cost puts you in front of interested shoppers so you can sell more. Art Motion Shopping offers you that opportunity to list your products and for the customers to find them.
How we make the difference.
Hundreds and hundreds of customers are looking for products over the internet, and for what do they search? They search to find quality products for the best prices from the market! Artmotion Shopping make the difference. We provide what you needed alternative to listings your item to Art Motion.
Big budget? Small budget? Our simple and smart pricing options work for any offer. Artmotion have one cost per RSS of the product or category level to submit your art products and optimize your campaign.
Low price Startup to join. Send a product feed and that’s it. No hidden costs. No problem.

How Much It Will Cost To List My Products?
Listing your artistic products on Art Motion start for free, you will pay only if you want as donate via Paypal!
Costs are very simple, based on your store’s product categories, as well as the market demand for those corresponding keywords; you can bid for products in order to get more exposure on Artmotion Shopping & other popular search engines and get shown on top.

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